Self catering room with the option of breakfast at our restaurant
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self catering or bed & breakfast

Wilgewandel has got you spoiled for choice. Both Oudtshoorn self catering and bed & breakfast is on offer. Well-appointed accommodation with a perfect location, ideal for exploring the many activity options on our Wilgewandel Holiday Farm or in the Oudtshoorn area.

Room Options

at Wilgewandel

Family Room – Sleep 7

Family Room – Sleep 4

Double Room – Sleep 3

Oudtshoorn Self Catering - Double Rooms

Double Room

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Double Room

Our Guests

have options

Guest can pre-book dinner at Wilgewandel Restaurant before 16:40 on the day. Guest can enjoy dinner in the comfort of their own establishment. Breakfast is also available at the Restaurant from 08:30 – 11:00

The best option for bed & breakfast or self catering, Oudtshoorn.

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